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What we do is provide TRANSPARENT information to help you understand how merchant services works for you. We'll do our BEST to be accurate and keep current with latest trends in the merchant industry, so you can stay informed.

The information or anology provided is by NO MEANS, stating or implying anything negative towards an anyone or company. It's just to clarify, "WHO IS WHO".

The TERM, Payment Processor, Merchant Service Provider, Independant Sale Organization (ISO), Member Service Prociver (MSP) and Payment Service Provider (PSP) has been interchangebly used, that the information they (not all) provide has become confusing and misinterpreted. There is a difference between a Payment Processor and the other four! [Read More]


If you own a business (location) you'll need a POS system and/or terminal, so the cardholder can swipe, dip or touch to process the payment.

Based on your volume of transactions, these accounts typically have a Interchnge Plus pricing and lower cost...


If you sell services or products through a website, you have an Internet business which requires online payments and/or payment gateway.

These accounts are considered HIGHER RISK, so your fees and transactions cost will normally be higher...

M.O.T.O. / Virtual Terminal

Mail Order-Telephone Order or Virtual Terminal allows a business to operate remotely to process credit and debit card via phone or email requests.

These accounts are HIGHER RISK, so fees and cost will be higher than traditional accounts...

Mobile Account

Mobile merchant accounts allow you to accept credit cards or debit card payments using a card reader attached to your mobile device.

Most mobile account have pre-determined fees which are higher than traditional accounts...

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange Plus is the most TRANSPARENT pricing model. Compared to the others, it provides the most competitive pricing.

The Interchange, a processing rate set by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and the Plus, a fixed markup set by your payment provider.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing has three price buckets; a "Qualified, Mid-Qualified, Non-Qualified" with each bucket having it's own price point.

CAUTION: With Tiered Pricing, transactions can be downgraded to mid-qualified and non-qualified which have the highest price points.

Membership Pricing

With a monthly Membership or Subscription , you pay a monthly fee that usually covers your processing cost.

A monthly Membership or Subscription account can vary in cost, clarify what it covers.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat (Fixed) Rate pricing is offered by PSP's or payment aggregators. This fixed rate usually covers your processing cost.

ALERT: This is a single account that many, many businesses use to process payments.